Founder Mathew Moxness: A Visionary Investor and Entrepreneur

Meet Mathew Moxness, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in both eCommerce and real estate. Armed with a tech education specializing in web analytics from the University of British Columbia and e-commerce credentials from Sheridan College, Mathew has seamlessly integrated his skills into the dynamic realms of eCommerce and real estate.

Throughout his professional journey, Mathew has been a driving force in various profitable projects, cultivating a fascinating network of builders, architects, and suppliers. His extensive involvement in real estate spans the majority of his career, resulting in a rich history of successful ventures.

As a steadfast business principle, Mathew has dedicated the past several years to self-education, mastering best practices to navigate challenges, optimize opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively. His transactional expertise, particularly in multifamily properties, showcases a broad understanding of diverse asset types within the real estate industry.

With a focus on buying and holding, coupled with innovative financing approaches, Mathew’s business model centers on underperforming apartments and construction projects. Actively engaged in the acquisition of apartment properties and structuring real estate deals, Mathew brings a strategic and forward-thinking approach to every endeavor.

Mathew’s impact extends beyond the business realm, as he has been featured on prominent home channels such as HGTV, CHCH, and others for his exceptional projects. The recognition received led TV show producers to utilize these sites for commercials, highlighting the outstanding design elements that define Mathew Moxness’s distinctive approach to real estate.